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Special Education & 504 Services

Resource Classes

The resource program is designed to serve students who are identified as possessing behavior and/or learning handicaps.  By working closely with the student’s parents and regular classroom teachers, an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) is tailored to meet the student’s specific needs.  His/her needs may be in the area of math, spelling, reading, written language, self-esteem, and social needs.  The student may receive resource support in the regular classroom or the resource room from thirty minutes to three hours a day.

Informal testing occurs regularly while formal evaluation with parental permission is done annually.  The formal evaluation usually consists of achievement tests such as the Kaufman Test of Educational Achievement, Test of Written Language, and the Key Math and Matrix Analogies Test.  All test results are kept confidential.  The tests yield a grade or age scores for comparison purposes to allow for an analysis of a student’s current levels and subsequent growth and progress.  Once the student has had an IEP for three years, a re-evaluation process is completed to ascertain eligibility for continued resource support.  
Visit the district’s special education website HERE. You can call with questions also, 801-610-8506.


It is the purpose of the Speech and Language Program to provide help for students who have communication problems that may adversely affect their learning.  Such problems might include:

  • Articulation (saying sounds accurately)

  • Language delay (immature sentence and/or conversational expression, verbal organization or low vocabulary use and understanding)

  • Fluency problems (stuttering)

  • Voice problems (abnormally prolonged hoarse or unusual sounding voice)

Each year, several grade levels do a speech and hearing screening test to check for problems.

If your child has speech problems such as these or others, please contact the school to begin the speech referral process.

The district’s special education department’s website is HERE.

Psychological Services

The purpose of psychological services in the schools is to promote healthy attitudes and habits, identifying individual emotional and learning needs, and to help students in the educational setting.

Available services include:

  • Evaluation of individual emotional and learning needs.

  • Counseling for parents and students.

  • Healthy life-style classroom instruction.

  • Referrals to other community services and resources.

Tests used in the evaluation process can help determine a student’s:

  • Intellectual ability

  • Emotional concerns

  • Perceptual abilities

To obtain psychological services, a parent may make the request by application at the principal’s office.  If a teacher makes the referral, intervention attempts to remediate the difficulty must be documented and then referral forms must be completed with the parent’s permission.

The decision for counseling is made by an Individual Education Program (IEP) team consisting of a psychologist, parent (or other designee) and teacher.  Goals and objectives are then developed for counseling which is scheduled during regular school hours.

Special Accommodations

Special Accommodations (504): If your child has disabilities that require special accommodations to access the educational materials and environment, please contact the school’s assistant principal, 801-610-8707.