Welcome Back to school


Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Welcome back to school Freedom Falcons. I hope everyone has an exciting, fun, and educational year. Our theme is “Teamwork Makes the Dream Work.” This theme was chosen because there are a lot of people on the team at Freedom Elementary that make the dream of education possible.


Students are the core foundation of Freedom Elementary and the reason we exist.


Students come to Freedom Elementary hoping to be loved and cared for everyday. Teachers work extremely hard to provide the best education possible by planning lessons, giving meaningful assessments, and consistently considering the four essential questions based on the needs of every individual student. The four questions are: What do we expect students to learn? How will we know what students have learned? How will we respond to students who are not learning? How will we respond to students who already know?


Parents are the child’s most important teacher and we appreciate the opportunity to be your partner in this endeavor. At Freedom we have so many volunteer opportunities to help teachers and students. We have a great PTA, School Community Council, and volunteers who do so many things to help students learn at Freedom Elementary everyday.

Support Staff

The students at Freedom are greeted and cared for by a loving support staff. The secretaries, custodians, teacher aides, lunch workers, librarian, and many more are here to serve the Freedom Elementary Community.

Thank you for the role you play in supporting student learning at Freedom Elementary! Together, our teamwork really does make the dream work for all students.