Have a Great Summer!

Thanks for the wonderful school year. New student registration is every Monday from 8-12. School starts on Aug. 19th.

2012-2013 Stakeholder Report Available

The stakeholder report is available. Click on the "Read More" button below.

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Accent on Excellence Award Recipient

Mrs. Barnes has been named as one of ten teachers in Alpine School District to receive this recognition for excellence in teaching. Congratulations!

New Student Registration

Mondays 8-12

Troll Patrol

Be determined to do hard things. Be honest. Be respectful. Be interested. Be a friend. Be willing to stand up for yourself. Be a problem solver. Be true to yourself. Be responsible.

5th Grade Team

Congratulations on your recognition of exemplary collaboration and as outstanding employees of Alpine School District.

  • 1st through 6th grades
  • Track A: 8:00-1:15, Track B: 9:15-2:30
  • Kindergarten
  • AM: 9:15-12:00 - PM: 12:35-2:30
  • 1st through 6th grades
  • Track A: 8:00-2:15, Track B: 9:15-3:30
  • Kindergarten
  • AM: 9:15-12:00 - PM: 12:35-3:30